Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes

Apparently everyone in our house is obsessed with boxes. No, not moving boxes (though those do garner a fair amount of attention) I’m talking about mailing boxes or paper mailers. With the impending move we have categorized the stuff we have into sell, keep and donate piles; for items we are selling we sometimes need mailers…Needless to say if we leave them out the boys are like heat seeking missiles to them. Today it just so happened to be a medium size priority mailer box, the odd part was that every one in our house seemed to think it was a toy. First, it was the dogs, which wasn’t surprising since we have on occasion practiced “nose work” with Jack.
Then, the boys took their turn…
Daily Life Daily Life
and yes they are still nakie training, the one aspect of the three day method that we kept! They basically stay nakie all the time and will take themselves to the potty! Its glorious! We do have daily “accidents” but they usually consist of bad aim, a problem I presume we will be dealing with for quite a few more years :0
then the cat….
Daily LifeDaily LifeDaily Life
Moving Tip #2….go through your belongings in the weeks and months before you move. Making sure to keep a list of items you will “keep” “sell” and “ditch”. Begin selling your items in the weeks and months before you move if they are not needed. The money back can help with moving expenses and the left overs can be taken to a donation center(*be sure to get receipts for tax deductions)in the last few days before your move.


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