Nakie Days

potty break before nap time…silly boys
Daily LifeSince our 3 day potty training has become a modified success story we thought we would share what we have done to “potty train” at 15 months. First, the disclaimer: “poop” and “pee” will be mentioned:)
So as I’ve said before we cloth diaper, and introduced the potty at about 9ish months. We already knew the boys could and did undress themselves by then and that they didn’t like the soiled cloth diapers and would instantly cry to give us the “dirty alert.” So, we decided to start giving them regular opportunities at their normal “potty times” during the day. We had instant success! We continued our “scheduled potty time” according to their natural schedule. This was great for the early days as it meant very few soiled cloth diapers to wash and equally few dirty butts to clean ;0 as they passed 12m we started to wonder if we could help them gain proficiency with peeing on the potty as accurately as they pooped. We looked up a few different theories and found the 3 day method that I’ve mentioned and that it can be done with children as early as 15m. Well, we gave it a shot. Basically, it proved to help more than we’d thought and we decided to modify this to our “Nakie Days” method.
Nakie Days
It is as simple as it sounds, they stay naked. We have two potties in every area they play in and we go about our daily routine naked, works nicely since its summer and ours our hot babies. They still have their regular potty times for poop but we now take potty breaks through out the day. Originally they were every 15/20 min, but as we found the boys could and would hold it for a considerable amount of time (2+hrs), we spaced out the breaks going to an every 45min(still doing their regular poop times). We have worked more with them now on being able to go over to the potty take their pants off and sit down…all BEFORE they have to go, and more often then not they need help. Which is completely fine because I would rather flush poop without having to wipe it out of butt and a diaper first! It doesn’t mean we can’t get out of the house, it means we bring a potty with us or keep errands to less than 2 hours. At least they aren’t shy :0
Twin specific Nakie Days
I’ve often get the question “one potty or two?” and from our experience two-For Sure! It stands to reason if you feed them at the same time they will eliminate, give or take, at the same times. Chasing two naked babies means chasing TWO at once…near impossible. So, plan to either have nakie time when you have help from a spouse or family member …or if you have older children that can encourage and “help.” Also, keep in mind you are still potty training two different children one might pick up on things fast than the other, its ok 🙂 You may even end up wanting to train one at a time.
Potty Time
People frequently ask how we even get them on the potty at this age? Well, they have sat on a potty since 9 months and saw us using one well before that, its normal to them. We also stay in the room with them or bring them(and the potty) with us this makes them feel included and relaxed. We play little games with them and use electric toys,*they need to be big enough that they wont fit into the potty, while they sit…that way its fun enjoyable time.(we only give electronic toys while on the potty) I do make sure to give them a minute or two here and there alone or run the water in the tub since sometimes they seem to be a little shy. Every time they have success we make a big deal about the “pooooopy” or the “tinkle, tinkle, tinkle” [insert clapping baby and dancing daddy here]…Consistency is key! Most times they go within their first 5 minutes of sitting, on a few occasions they don’t. If we know they have to go we will get them up go for a short stroll and then go back to the potty, after we’ve tried this a time or two and they still haven’t gone then they can go play.
We are now two weeks into this and still are having great success! I will keep you posted, but at this rate I would guess they will be fully *day time* potty trained by 18m! Double YAY


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