Put your BIG BOY pants on!

It’s official, after months of Nakie training the boys have been taking themselves to the potty for weeks so we have now reintroduced bottoms. Ok, so not really reintroduced- since they have been wearing bottoms when we go out. BUT we have nixed diapers during the day and gone to big boy undies! Were about a month in and have only had one accident, so far so good:) our methods……. 1) they are still primarily nakie, just like we trained off of diapers, we will train onto undies. Only having them wear the undies for short periods at first (they wear em for an hour now) then slowly work up to a full day. 2) because I am a fan of positive reinforcement we got “cool” undies. We then made it so getting to wear undies is a reward after having pottied on the potty.
3) we have only taught them to go to the potty sit when they need to “go.” we have yet to tackle teaching them to take their clothes off and get to the potty all before they have to go…. That will be saved for a different day 4) we went out for the first time like this for a every short trip(1hr) and all was well ………….so wish us luck!!20131109-105555.jpg at 19 and a half months I am happy to say the mini men are day time POTTY TRAINED!! Oh and here was the latest addition to the winter ware

20131109-105544.jpg 20131109-105431.jpg


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